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Preneur provides a new approach to online learning. We set out to create an “immersive online service” where creators can educate their audience in a more direct manner. This allows for improved retention on content and also provides a like minded community that acts as a support system.

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Who can you learn from on Preneur
Jacob Jones
Successful Drop Shipper

This course will breakdown how to start a store from scratch and turn it into a new income stream. Join me and invest in yourself.

Jenny Wilson
Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Jenny has setup and successfully run multiple products through her ecommerce site. She also consults with brands to amplify their sales. This course will empower you to sell products and understand the new age of supply and demand online.

Albert Flores
Business Book Club

Each course I breakdown a different business book and we will discuss with the group on what was important and anything we took away. The goal of this course is help show how to breakdown books and get the most value from them.

Bessie Cooper
Contract Coder

I have coded for multiple startups and see them launch onto the app stores. I will give you the basics up app development as well as a pathway for future learning in this space. My other courses dive deeper into specific advanced spaces.

Our first test event brought the host over $20,000 of ticket sales, $18,000 Profit

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