Using the lobby

Last Updated:
June 10, 2021

The lobby is where online participants can see tables on screen, see where other members are “seated”, and join or leave a video-conference session with others freely by clicking on any table. Online participants can be moved in or out of the lobby at any time during the event by a greeter or host. Online participants cannot go into the lobby on their own, a Moderator or Host must change the state of the event first. If a user joins an event while the event is in lobby mode, they will join the lobby.

Who can join the tables?

Just like the live stream event, if you have made your event public, anyone who clicks on your event link will be able to join, see the tables, and see members moving between tables when you have switched into the lobby mode. However, an online participant cannot join a table until they sign up or log in. If they click on a table to join, they will be prompted with a dialogue to sign up or log in.

What can people do in the lobby?

Here are all the actions online participants can currently do in the lobby:

Actions anonymous participants (people who are not logged in) can do while in the lobby:

  • See who is seated
  • Search for other people online in the Member list
  • Find someone on screen
  • Chat with Moderator

Actions logged-in participants can do while in the lobby:

  • Join or leave a table freely
  • Turn on their microphone and camera
  • Mute/unmute themselves
  • Search for other people online in the Member list
  • Find someone on screen
  • Chat with Moderator
  • Chat with other online participants

Actions moderator and/or host can do while in the lobby:

  • Move everyone from live stream event to lobby
  • Move everyone back from lobby to live stream event
  • Remove a user from the event
  • Host only: End event and table session for all

How to join or leave a table

Any online participant who is logged in can join or leave a table at any time.

Step 1: Join an event and log-in, if you are not already logged in.

Step 2: Wait until a moderator or Host moves everyone to the lobby.

Step 3: Click Join on any table.

Step 4: Once joined, you will see the collapsed screen which you can expand by clicking on the Expand button.

Step 5: Use the controls in the bottom bar to turn on/of your camera and microphone. You can leave the table by clicking on the leave button in the bottom bar. Click Yes from the pop-up, if you want to leave a seat. Click Cancel if you change your mind.

How to search for other participants in the lobby

You can find another participant in the lobby in a few ways. Search for a member in the search bar, or scroll through the member list.

Step 1: Navigate to the Member tab on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Online participants who are already at a table will appear in the "Already at a Table" category. If they are online, but not seated at a table or in private mode, they will appear under "Not Seated, Open to Join".

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