Getting Started on Preneur Academy

Last Updated:
June 10, 2021

Welcome to Preneur Academy! Our platform designed to make online ministry engaging. We are excited about what Preneur Academy can do to help your community gather, connect meaningfully and deepen their learning.

Key points:

  • It takes under 15 minutes to set up and run your first event. All you have to do is send out the event url. Designed with your volunteer staff in mind, Preneur Academy is simple and intuitive.  
  • You can connect uploaded (pre-recorded), live, or scheduled live video feeds. To connect a video feed, all you need to do is copy and paste the stream url or upload your video file directly to Preneur Academy in the event creation process.
  • People don't have to create an account before joining your Preneur Academy event. Joining an event just takes one click on any laptop browser, or on our mobile apps.

Step 1: Set up your account

  • Create an account for your community: You can create an account through our set up portal.
  • Upgrade your account: Once you've set up your account, click the Activate button inside your account to upgrade the account and unlock the watch parties and tables.

People can sign up to join your community in two ways:

  • During an event: People don't have to create an account before joining your Preneur Academy event. Joining an event just takes one click on any laptop browser, or on a mobile device. When they join, they will be an anonymous attendee. If they want to chat or sit with other people, they will be prompted to sign up during the live event with their Google or Facebook account, or with an email address.
  • Manually invite: If you'd like to have people create an account ahead of an event or to add someone else to give them admin access, you can invite them to your community by sending them an invitation email.

Step 2: Create your first test event

  • Set up your first event: Next, create your first event.
  • Choose a livestream feed to connect: You can uploaded pre-recorded video files directly to Preneur Academy . Or you can connect a live or scheduled live video feed from Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo or connect your feed directly from a stream provider.
  • Share the event link: Once you've created your first event, share the event url link with a few others and invite them to join!

Step 3: Try out all the features!

Once everyone joins the event, start trying out the features! The event only needs to last 10-15 minutes to get a sense of the level of engagement in Preneur Academy.

*If you haven't yet, upgrade your account to unlock the pew view, watch parties and lobby.

During the livestream:

  • Choose a seat to start a watch party with others
  • Interact with people in a watch party as the video plays
  • Get up and leave that seat and join a new row
  • Invite someone to sit down with you
  • Send a chat message to someone
  • Create a group message

At any point, anyone who was made a Greeter or Host can move everyone to the lobby.

  • Join a table together for a group discussion
  • Leave the table to mingle at another table on screen.

Step 4: Set up a dry-run event

Next, it's a good idea to get familiar with event timing on Preneur Academy. If you're not quite ready to onboard your whole community to Preneur Academy, here's some ideas of dry-run events to help you get more familiar with the platform:

  • Run your service on Preneur Academy in parallel to your regular classese and invite 5 - 10 people to join
  • Host a mid-week event with a larger group or 20+ people

Step 5: Make a plan to introduce Preneur Academy to your community

Now the fun part! Once you've got a good feel for the platform, the next step is to make a plan to introduce Preneur Academy to your community. Here's a helpful guide on how to introduce Preneur Academy to your community and get them ready to for your first event.

Step 6: Onboard your host team

Every successful online event needs people helping welcome and get people comfortable! It's important to have a few other people who are comfortable on the platform who can be designated host during your first event. Understand the role of the hospitality team.

Step 7: Run your first official event!

The big day is here! It's time to welcome your people to the new platform. Learn more about our top tips for how to run your first event.

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