Connecting DaCast to Preneur Academy

Last Updated:
June 10, 2021

To connect a pre-recorded or live video feed from DaCast, you will need to connect a M3U8 link.

  1. Navigate to the “Advanced Links” section under the “General” tab of your Dacast dashboard.
  2. Drop down the “Advanced Links” tab and locate the “M3U8” link.
  3. Copy this link and paste it into Preneur Academy
Dacast - Create M3u8 Media Link

The full link in this example is:

Testing Your M3U8 Link

Follow these steps to test your new link:

  1. Launch your stream
  2. Double-check that your live stream is playing correctly, using the preview button in the back office or the share code
  3. Open VLC media player
  4. Click on “Media” and select “Open a Network Stream”
  5. Paste your new M3U8 link into the field

Once you complete these 5 steps, Your live stream should appear in VLC.

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