Inviting people to your community

Last Updated:
June 10, 2021

Whether your Preneur Academy community is brand new or it’s been around for awhile, read on the learn how to invite others to join.

People don't need an account to join your events, however there are some things that only members can do. Learn more about the difference between members and anonymous users.

Invite members

Invitation permissions

Your ability to invite others to your workspace depends on your permissions in Preneur Academy.

  • Community Managers can invite members.
  • Members cannot invite other members.

Send individual email invitation

Step 1: Click on Members in your left side panel to navigate to your Member directory.

Step 2: Click on + Add New Member in the upper right hand corner. If you do not see this button, you do not have admin access permissions.

Step 3: Enter the Member details.

  • Required fields: First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  • Optional fields: Phone number

Step 4: Check Give this Member admin access if applicable. Members can always be given admin access later.

Step 5: Check Send Invitation immediately if you want the Member to receive an email immediately. Members can always be sent an invitation at a later time via email or a link.

Step 6: Click Add Member

Share the self-registration link

Every community has as self-registration link that can be sent out for people to add themselves into the community. You can send this link to a group of people or an individual and it will prompt them to set up an account and join them automatically into your community.

Note: Anyone with this link can join your community. Be careful to only send to people you want to invite. It is not recommended to post the link publicly.

Step 1: Click on Community Profile in the left-side column.

Step 2: In the Community Profile details on the right side of the screen, find the Invitation Link. Copy the Invitation Link.

Step 3: Send or embed the link to anyone you’d like.

Manage unsent or pending invitations

Community Managers can view unsent, pending and accepted invitations and make the following changes:

  • Send a new email invitation if the original invitation has expired or been lost
  • Send a link to join the community

Check status of invitation

Step 1: Click on the Member you want to check for pending or accepted invitations.

Step 2: Check the status of the invitation on Member details panel.

Not Invited

Send an existing member who you added but have not yet invited.

Step 1: Select the Member you want to invite.

Step 2: On member details panel, click on Invite under status. An email will automatically be sent to the member.

Invite Pending

Send invitation again to an existing member who has already been invited.

Step 1: Select the Member you want to invite.

Step 2: On member details panel, click on Invite Again under status.

Step 3: An email will automatically be sent to the member.

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