The industry of e-learning has gained increasing popularity and for the right reasons. Over the last couple of years, intuitive learning software has seen jumps in providing a total learning experience that is fun, interesting, and ultimately engaging.

What exactly is an eLearning platform?

In this article, we go back to genesis by talking about what an online platform actually is, how to choose an e-learning platform and why you should embrace this emerging trend? Let’s get started!

Introduction to online learning platforms 

An online learning platform is an incorporated set of interactive online services that give instructors, students, and others involved in learning information, tools and resources to support and boost learning distribution and management. One type of eLearning system is a learning management system (LMS - which we will talk later about).

There are numerous eLearning companies around that offer learning platforms. A few of these platforms allow you to host and sell online training courses, allowing you to run your own business.

Other platforms merely use a user interface in which individuals can engage with your content, however, may not be the most effective fit for your target market.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a software that offers all the tools for creating and selling online training courses. Equipped with features that enable you to engage with students, enrollment administration, workload, payments, to name a few, it intends to serve online learning.

Along with course management, even more, complete eLearning platforms allow creating training courses by personalizing their websites as they want. The instructor has the opportunity to create his own aesthetic identity within the platform, making use of the logo design, cover, images, and texts of his choice. Thus, it is as if you have your very own website to sell your training courses, without needing to fret about the advancement of its technology, features, and upkeep.

The majority of online learning platforms were initially set to access content around the management of universities and colleges. With time they started to be made use of by academic organizations to offer support content to students in order to complement the teaching given in the classroom.

Currently, in addition to colleges and universities, learning platforms are commonly used in business, as a way of qualifying, training, and upgrading their employees.

Choosing the online learning platform that fits you best

The goals of an effective online learning platform are that it creates an engaging learning experience that seems like a classroom experience, offering the traditional classroom attributes (like instructor-student communication, Q&A s, discussion, games, collective tasks, projects, quizzes, etc.) however either online or with a gadget (e.g. a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile.).

These vital learning environments are accomplished via a learning platform’s features and tools that increase the degree of interaction and engagement students need.

Just as there are many learning styles for various kinds of students, the learning platform you choose needs to be able to host different content styles to address your student’s specific learning models.

Some instances of the content style include articles, interviews, webinars, charts, PowerPoint presentations, and video, yet these are just a few instances of material styles that can be used in e-Learning).

Learning platforms need to also include modules of content, learning, evaluation, and engagement. These modules allow for your training course to integrate a range of teaching styles for every student and enables students to improve their performance and knowledge-retention levels.


Perhaps the biggest concluding benefit of online learning is the reality that it allows exploration. You remember when as a kid at elementary school when you wish you were getting lessons on coding, or graphic design trends, or any other topic you thought nobody wanted to teach and you felt weird about?

Online learning unlocks and allows them to take a step inside and see if that "something" - whether it's coding or something else - is a topic they'd like to go after on a deeper level.

If you have a kid that’s feeling the same, or for that matter, that kid is still inside of you, then it’s your time to make your own dreams come to life.

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