If you're thinking about joining the eCommerce craze, this is a great time to do so. eCommerce expanded by 44% in 2020, and it’s unlikely to fall down anytime soon.

As a result of the rise in purchases made online, there is an increasing demand for eCommerce skills across the board - from enterprise-level companies and startups looking to increase revenue to retail chains looking to improve their online experiences.

To increase their competitiveness in this emerging industry, companies are hiring professionals with these sought-after eCommerce skills:

#1 SEO

Getting the most eyeballs in eCommerce is quite affordable, and the websites with the top SEO specialists are the ones appearing first on Google's SERP, and driving the most consumers to their website.

Search Engine Optimization skills include various advertising skills, such as copywriting, information analytics, A/B screening, and a thorough understanding of keyword usage and content marketing.

There is no easy strategy to improve the SEO of an eCommerce company. It takes strategic thinking, thorough preparation, extensive data analysis as well as reporting, varied areas of marketing knowledge, and the persistence to see this work repay as Google and other online search engines gradually account for new changes to your online listings.

As more eCommerce websites emerge thanks to platforms that make creating an online shop as easy as registering for an email account, SEO will continue to be a core profit driver for eCommerce sites.

Based upon the trends of the last 10 years we left behind, SEO is expected to be a sought-after skill in eCommerce for the long term.

#2 Graphic Design

Creative thinking is key in eCommerce, as you try to make your marketing content and shop stand apart from the masses.

With many affordable training courses offered online, you can catch up with all facets of the Adobe Creative Cloud to supercharge your marketing, improve your graphics design, and much more.

#3 Critical thinking

There are a lot of moving parts to a shopping business. You need to manage marketing and sales, stock control, and delivery logistics, interaction with consumers and suppliers - just among others. And all the while, you need to watch on your overall success.

Having the ability to think critically is important for running an eCommerce business. Successful e-commerce business owners can go back, look at every one of the different aspects, and choose just how to act in order to meet business and client demands.

#4 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the top free web analytics platform on the planet. This effective device gives you incredible insight right into your website so you can see what visitors on your website are looking into, what they're buying, and what they're passing on. 

#5 Software development

Software development is the key to eCommerce success. The range of new eCommerce options is blowing up, with features such as automation, client relationship management (CRM), graphic design, customer service, and marketing-related performance, giving a hand on that. This means that companies need to work with software developers effectively in the service that offers the most effective ROI for their company.

SAP Hybris, Magento, and Sitecore are just a few of the e-commerce services that are popular among growing eCommerce businesses. We are seeing a surge of popularity for software developers focusing on these services. Fluency in these solutions is vital to recognize the best uses of them based on your certain business requirements.

Demand will stay high for software development skills as e-commerce companies seek ways to differentiate their online listings from rivals and get new customers on a large scale.

#6 Project management

Efficiency is vital for all local businesses, particularly in the jampacked eCommerce area. Whether you're launching a new feature on your website or working with a project to improve procedures, being equipped with project management skills will certainly help you do it much more efficiently. 

#7 Continuous improvement

The digital space keeps changing continuously. New strategies, formulas, modern technologies, as well as platforms are constantly changing the game, making it important for ecommerce businesses to remain ahead of the curve. You need to be regularly learning and adjusting to new settings.

Constant education is strongly linked to company success, which is why a bulk of business owners believe that investing in the improvement of executives is more vital than hiring new talent. In order to keep an effective e-commerce business, you should look to ongoing learning and development.

#8 Communication

Communication takes several shapes in the online world. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you're most likely to communicate with customers via email or social media.

Having solid written communication skills will allow you to master your online presence. You shouldn't hesitate to picking up the phone and having a conversation with a challenging consumer or supplier.

Communication also is a sign of having solid negotiation skills, which will enable you to be assertive and get equally useful results for you and your stakeholders.