Starting a business has never been this easier; and since the inception of the internet, an unprecedented surge has been observed in online businesses.

The best part about an online business is that it requires minimal funding and this is the reason why with every passing day traditional brick-and-mortar stores are shifting online. 

Here are the ways to creating an online store for free; however before getting into the details, it is assumed that you have already narrowed down the products which you wish to sell on your new online store. 

#1 Picking a Free eCommerce platform 

Choosing a free eCommerce platform for your online store is the first step in the process of opening an online store. There are numerous platforms to choose from, and if you are seeking the best services on a minimal budget then WordPress and WooCommerce are your best bet.

It not only offers extensibility but is also extremely easy to use, and as a beginner one must go for the platform that is easy to use.

#2 Choosing a catchy name 

Second step is choosing the name for your store, now some of the people reading it might be thinking that why does name matters, any name can be chosen.

However, the reality is that name matters a lot from SEO to getting customer’s attention, if your online store has a catchy name you might be able to attract your first customers without spending much money. 

Therefore it is important for you to choose a name that is small and is catchy moreover, if it could speak something about your products that would be an additional benefit.

#3 Get Web Hosting 

Choosing a web host is another overlooked aspect of an online store and anyone who is starting a new online store does not even think about hosting as people tend to believe that hosting is not an issue. 

On the contrary, however, hosting is a big concern for businesses operating online as there have been several incidents where because of a poor web hosting service a budding business has suffered, therefore ask around and choose a reliable web host for your online store.

#4 Install WordPress

The next step in this regard is to install WordPress, this might sound like a technical task, but that is the real beauty that WordPress can even be used by people who have absolutely no knowledge of WordPress. All you need to do is watch some videos and tutorials on YouTube and you’re good to roll.

#5 Add your first products

Alright, so up until now everything would have been on the backend and now for the first time, you would have something that would be visible to the outer world, something that you could show your peers.

So, don’t wait and add the first product to your store. Make sure that you’ve used a catchy product description and a good image.

#6 Go Live

After adding few products to your website you are ready to go live and for this purpose you have multiple options you can either post a video on YouTube or you can kick start from one of the social media platforms. Just share the link to your store and you would immediately start seeing traffic on your website. 

Starting an online store has never been this easy before, as everything you need is almost free of cost and you could actually set up an online store without spending a penny. All you need to do is follow the above steps and you’re good to go.