The nature of work has changed and it has been affecting work needs across industries. It goes without saying - offering training to your staff members is essential; nevertheless, managing training can be bothersome, especially as you advance.

It can also be expensive. Sending employees for training to various venues can shove your training budget and arranging for cover while they are away is also challenging.

In today's competitive situation, it becomes crucial to provide staff member training, and a way ahead for organizations is to leverage an eLearning platform, which is extra cost-efficient and uses a better level of flexibility.

An increasing number of businesses are already switching over from traditional training schemes to eLearning courses through an eLearning platform, also known as rs a training course management system or a learning management system.

With an eLearning system, you can custom-develop and deliver online training courses to workers throughout time zones and geographies. Besides, they can take the training anytime they want, without needing to travel to remote areas to a scheduled place and time.

Let's see some more reasons why businesses are embracing online learning platforms and how can they improve your business in 2021!

Online learning encourages engagement

According to a Gallup survey, only 13% of employees are very engaged at work. 26% of employees would rather be elsewhere. As a matter of fact, anywhere else but their workplace.

The same survey has confirmed that 70% of employees  think that “job-related training and promotion can straight influence their decision to stay with a company or leave.'

These results also suggest that employees still setting could impact the overall efficiency and have a severe impact on your business. To put it simply, engagement is what people would always welcome in their office.

Save time 

Creating online training courses saves time when we compare it to traditional counterparts that take much longer to create and, most importantly, update. The time spent on e-learning training in companies is a lot more reduced and flexible, allowing employees to save a lot of time training online.

eLearning promotes sustainability and saves money 

This industry is expected to strike $200 billion by 2024. Except for saving you money, eLearning develops your staff members’ performances in many ways.

Using an online learning platform is a decision that will save you lots of money in the long term. From traveling expenses, the expenses of facilitators, and training equipment, online learning platforms will cut your costs.

Abundant eLearning courses can be re-used and updated eventually or when it's needed, quickly, without having to invest more money.

Increases ROI

The e-learning training courses in companies enable to get the most out of a program, increasing the return on investment. The time these courses can be accessed is unlimited, hence improving their efficiency and performance.

A company can train all its employees from throughout the world as many times as it wants by renewing the matching licenses.

Supports various types of learning

Typical workshops are rarely tailored and flexible to fit every person, nor everyone learns the same way. Online courses may have the same content for each student, however, each of them is able to go through them at their own paces.

Furthermore, eLearning helps avoid the stress or any other inconvenience that people might have when they participate in traditional training.

Offers a large variety of new skills and competencies

Today's economic situation needs that people do more with less, and e-learning is a perfect option to train employees through tools that offer them the expertise and abilities required to improve their performance at work.

Because of this, companies can upgrade their employees' skills without having to hire new experts with upgraded expertise, since they can educate them in-house. Furthermore, employees really feel encouraged and motivated, which is more efficient for the company.

Online learning platforms also offer mobile learning

As a growing number of individuals access their content on their mobile phones, companies are increasingly making use of mobile-first platforms to create mobile training content which their employees can access while on the move.

With mobile-first eLearning platforms, you can create brief videos, engaging video games, etc., which work as instant performance support and provide access to details to the employees when they need it the most.

The content developed with these mobile-first platforms is reflowable, that is, it moves to take the form of the gadget on which it is viewed: be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Employees can also keep and share their training products and likewise download and install for offline access.