Online stores and online shopping sites are here to stay. Literally everyone has used an online store to buy a product or service before.

The wave began in America and gradually got embraced all over the world. As of today, it is slowly spreading out in 3rd world nations such as India and China. It is bound to produce ruffles to a point where it will silence everyone and slowly become a practice.

The physical stores already see their online counterparts as a danger to their business. Where this battle is going to go - just time will tell!

As much as the customer is concerned, it becomes tough for her to make a choice. Here are the top 9 online shopping stores for 2021!

#1 eBay

eBay is the largest online auction site with regular month-to-month web traffic of more than 820 million. Many vendors use eBay to generate extra income by selling items in a wide range of categories.

Often, vendors create pop-up ads by using devices like Adoric to attract customers' attention and generate leads.

You can filter your search results page by price, brand, color, features, dimension, customer ratings, and testimonials. And if you get on the hunt for the most inexpensive online stores, eBay is the one to go to.

#2 Amazon is a website customized for each and every country separately. From Amazon AE(United Arab Emirates) to Amazon Australia, everything is available for the customer locally.

Amazon is a competitor for all the regional online stores everywhere including in a massive country like India. Therefore, Amazon has been doing fantastic thus far and has been raking in an extraordinary amount of revenues over the years.

#3 Tease Tea

Tease Tea is one of the most effective websites you can check out to get your day-to-day dosage of tea. You can buy tea for your mood such as to get energy or utilize it for unique stages of life such as maternity. You can shop this website’s gift area to get unique gifts for birthday celebrations and special events.

#4 Etsy

Etsy is the online store for products from gifted craftsmen around the world. It has standard month-to-month traffic of 120 million customers who buy and sell creative crafts and items. Online shopping on Etsy is mostly for creative homemade items and creative wonders from vintage finds, home design, clothing, pieces of jewelry, and shoes.

There are lots of bargains on Etsy that make it a suitable industry for buyers and vendors to save and earn money on the side.

#5 Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is among the best-looking shopping sites online. You can find a ton of inspiration from having a look at this site.

Kylie's got a fantastic collection of beauty products that you'll want to snatch up. You'll find makeup for the lips, eyes, face, and eyebrows so you can look Insta-worthy.

#6 Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has an outstanding website for females that like buying fashion. In this online store, you can buy clothes, footwear, devices, and beauty items all on a single website.

What makes Pretty Little Thing's website outstanding is that they allow clients to go shopping by their figure, fitting ladies of any body type.

#7 Alibaba

If you are looking for the biggest online store to source items from China suppliers then you need to go for Alibaba. links Chinese suppliers to companies from any part of the world. Alibaba is also the greatest e-commerce and online business in China. They are additionally the world’s fifth-largest online company by revenue.

#8 John's Crazy Socks

John's Crazy Socks is a remarkable website for people who can’t afford enough socks. This social enterprise focuses on capacities by donating 5% of all sales to the Special Olympics.

The creator, John Lee Cronin, is a man with Down syndrome with a sock fascination who looked to entrepreneurship when he couldn't figure out where he wanted to work. The online store has over 2,000 different socks to pick from, making it the best website for sock fans.

#9 AliExpress

On Aliexpress, you'll get various bargains from promotions on fashion, electronics, pet food, and much more. Although based in China, the reach of this online retail service is global.

Aliexpress’s standard monthly traffic of 43 million is made up of small businesses from China, Singapore, and every other country that are selling items to worldwide buyers online.

Lots of businesses source items on this platform and drop ship to their clients. It is such a big resource for dropshipping that top eCommerce website contractors such as Shopify and BigCommerce use integrations and apps that help you conveniently find and add items to your shop.