It is inevitable - eCommerce will keep growing in 2021. Thus, if really are looking forward to developing your eCommerce business, you must already be looking to put a strategy in the area to help your company step ahead.

Even in these tough times of severe changes and a sure stream of massively inspired customers ready to shop online, the reality stays that if you want to grow your eCommerce business, bring in more clients and website traffic, then you have to promote it. There are more possibilities available than ever for you today but bear in mind, there is also more competition in the way.

There are lots of ways you can ensure your eCommerce business keeps growing, however, not all will fit your particular business or its requirements. There are some processes that are quite flexible and fit most though, and they can be easily applied. Keep on reading to learn more!

#1 Create or improve your social media strategy

Lots of online stores use social media in such a way that keeps possible clients at a social media channel and doesn't drive them to the sales page, or they have not even connected a sales link on their social media page.

This year, create your strategy and make use of methods like live streaming, social mediachatbots, and also stories to drive clients to your store. Use paid ads and in-app purchases to convert "ready-to-buy" clients.

#2 Optimize your website

To grow your online store in 2021, you will want to start with the basics. Anything else on this list is pointless if your website isn't optimized for business. Clicks are wonderful, but without an optimized and conversion-friendly website, nobody is going to buy!

Begin your campaign by running a review and check this essential optimization list:

  • Design - Work with someone outside your company to make sure that your design is unique and user-friendly.
  • Search Engine Optimization - If you don't rank on Google, nobody will find your website.
  • Chatbots - Add a chatbot feature on your website to engage and generate revenue instantly with real-time clients.
  • Meeting Scheduling - If clients need to know more regarding your product, offer them a way to set a visit with a scheduling tool like Calendly.

#3 PPC Advertising

If you choose to get contextual marketing, you need to know that audience segmentation is the main trend. That is, separating it into the most targeted, tiny groups. Previously, such a separation was based generally on population density and geolocation. Today, this method no more works 100% perfectly.

Currently, at the fundamental level, it is divided according to two types of actions:

  1. URL pages of your website/blog, which they went to
  2. Points of communication with the website (registration, purchase, phone call).

And then we are already checking out which websites they come to you from, from which tools, at what point they leave, and so on.

This approach allows you to utilize marketing tools in the most targeted ways - to minimize or increase bids for the target market according to your reach to the end customer and its importance.

#4 Make your store is mobile-friendly

Mobile eCommerce is growing at a fast rate, and experts expect the numbers to rise by more than 22.3% in 2021. Since customers are getting more from their phones, it's crucial for online stores to make sure their store is mobile-friendly. Make sure to analyze your site's mobile-friendliness with Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

It's also handy to develop a modern internet application (PWA) for your shop. They pack much faster than a standard website and enable clients to see what they've searched offline.

In addition, accelerated mobile pages are an additional choice for your store to create better buying experiences.

#5 Email Marketing

Since the average message length has drastically changed, email copywriting is essentially gone, and creating a number of paragraphs according to the AIDA principle is no longer a struggle for anyone. However, the channel is even more active and there is no sign of the trend fading away anytime soon. 

Here are some trends in this department:

  • Adjustment for a mobile phone - About 65% of customers check their e-mail on mobile devices each day.
  • AMP -  Accelerated Mobile Pages is a modern technology of faster-loading mobile pages being proactively promoted by Google. This would make it possible for customers to make a purchase or pay for a subscription without even having to go to the website.
  • Interactivity - A game, a competitor, a quest - these options improve the click-through rate and the engagement of individuals.

#6 Content marketing

Content marketing is nothing unusual due to the fact that all types of marketing today are undergoing two identical processes - specialization and integration. Each instruction becomes more profound while buying more points of contact with other strategies.

That is why in 2021, we are searching for SEO copywriters who recognize what SERM is and have the skills of an SMM marketer. In 2021, these trends will strengthen, and business promotion through a personal brand will go to the forefront.

These are the expected content marketing trends for the rest of the year:

  • More video
  • Interactivity
  • Infographics

And after that, things you have to do are the distribution of content through nano-blogs and micro-blogs, the change to a "transparent" style, and, most notably, the encouragement of users to create great content in your regard(UGC).